What is "God is Still Speaking"?
A Spiritual Encounter with the Living God.

In 2020, amidst the global pandemic, the Lord started training me how to honor Him in my prayer time by coming into His Presence and saying nothing but sitting, waiting, and listening in silence. While millions in the world were either on ventilators, refrigerated boxes, or the "sick and shut-in list", I heard the Spirit of the Lord say, "God is Still Speaking".

I knew I was called to create a safe, sacred space where our Father in Heaven could meet with His daughters on earth. 
As led and instructed by the Holy Spirit, I prayed and fasted to understand how He wanted me to accomplish this. We serve the God who has never duplicated a sunrise or repeated a sunset. Therefore, expect the unprecedented, 
prepare to receive what you need, and trust that Fresh Oil will flow!

Our bags are blessed with God’s favor and are designed to foster personal intimacy with Jesus. 
What a joy to be a creative collaboration partner with Heaven to craft these bags.

In October 2021, the files were ready for print production and the Lord changed everything! I had 'conference' already printed on labels, but the LORD was crystal clear and extremely insistent that this was not a conference or a retreat 
(as I knew to call it) but "a Spiritual Encounter with the Living God".

I received a revelation that we usually go to conferences, retreats, and convocations to hear about and from God through His prophets, pastors, preachers, teachers, etc., but I was inspired to make time for GOD to speak for Himself. My experience is that God can often speak the way we listen (through sermons, signs, songs, movies, music, media, commercials, cartoons, conversations, etc.). 

“We’re not responsible for what is not revealed, but we are accountable for every Word that is written”. God is Still Speaking from Genesis to Revelation. Keep your heart open with your pen and paper in hand – God will speak.

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